Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Contra Jour

Since I like photography so much, I sometimes like to take photos that illustrate the photographic process. This is one such. It illustrates the process of taking a contra-jour (or against the light) shot. And to get it I took a contra-jour shot of someone taking a contra-jour shot. Which leaves me wondering if there's some degree of irony in self-referential photographs. I'll leave that to the critics to decide...

Contra-jour shots tend to produce silhouettes for the most part (unless they're portrait shots taken with a fill-in flash). And they usually work best if the silhouettes aren't completely black, as in this one where you can see rim-lighting around the edges of the cameraman.

You don't need an expensive DSLR to get this kind of shot. I took this with my Canon Powershot SX220 compact camera but I could get similar results with the camera in my mobile phone. You just have to get the angle between you and your subject, relative to the sun, in the right place so as not to blow out the entire screen. With this one I was facing roughly south with the sun on the right, half an hour before sunset.

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