Monday, 7 June 2010

England v Mexico 24th May 2010

Photo 1 The Mexicans are in town so the English man the battlements.

Photo 2 A lone Mexican mounts the steps and rouses his compatriots.

Photo 3 The Mexicans pose, Chichen Itza style.

Photo 4 Easy to see whose side he's on.

Photo 5 And Mexico sweep to victory after the English abandon the match.

The World Cup came to Trafalgar Square on the 24th of May - or, at least, the fans did. A small group of England fans mounted the steps beneath the statue of Nelson and braved the ear-bashing they got from the much larger group of Mexican fans below. The cat-calling went on for some time before a lone Mexican fan had the temerity (bravery?) to mount the steps and confront the English fans face-to-face before turning to rouse his fellow countrymen. Given the size of the crowd of Mexicans, you'd think the English would retreat gracefully. And so they did. As they slunk off, a group of Mexicans formed a victory pyramid before mounting the steps to take the place of the vanquished English. Of course, the match didn't go so well for them...

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