Monday, 25 May 2009

Bob Dylan at the National Portrait Gallery

If you like black and white portrait photography, there are three free photo exhibitions at the National Portrait Gallery that might interest you. The first is a set of 15 photos that appear in the book Real Moments by Barry Feinstein who was Bob Dylan's official photographer on his 1966 European tour. This exhibition is in the Bookshop Gallery which is in the basement of the NPG; if you need step-free access, go in via the entrance by the bookshop, walk through the bookshop and go down in the lift, then walk back through the lower bookshop to the gallery.

Two other exhibitions are in Room 31 which is up on the first floor, easily accessible by lift. The first consists of photos of the American singer Elisabeth Welch, perhaps most well-known for her rendition of Stormy Weather in Derek Jarman's 1979 screen adaptation of Shakespeare's The Tempest. The second includes images of Isadora Duncan, John Stuart Lloyd Barnes and the St Ives artists Peter Lanyon and Sven Berlin taken by the husband and wife team of Bertram Park and Yvonne Gregory and their associate Marcus Adams. One fascinating aspect of this particular exhibition is Park's use of the soft focus lens.

Lastly, there are still six days left before the Gerhard Richter Portraits exhibition closes.

Bob Dylan European Tour
Until 30 August 2009, Bookshop Gallery

Soft Lights, Seet Music: Photographs of Elisabeth Welch
Until 35 October 2009, Room 31 case display

Adams, Park and Gregory: Photographs 1910s-1950s
Until 25 October 2009, Room 31 case display


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